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We are introducing the all-new Accell Pro Series Therapy System, a reimagined way of delivering professional-grade therapy to all creatures, great and small. The Accell Pro Series includes our brand new Pro Series Therapy Mat, Pro Series Hand Pack and our all-new human Travel Pad.

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The Accell Pro Series System represents hundreds of hours of ongoing research and development by our dedicated team! Accell Animal Therapy systems all deliver Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT) and are available for all creatures, great and small; we even have options for human application so everyone can enjoy the benefits of Accell Animal Therapy.

Therapy Mat

The all-new Pro Series Therapy Mat provides the perfect solution for at-home, veterinary, competition and racing therapy delivery.

Hand Pack

The all-new Pro Series Hand Pack allows focus treatment solutions utilising our custom-designed harness or manual therapy application.

Travel Pad

The Travel Cyclo Pad is a perfect solution for owners and handlers to feel the full therapy benefits along with their animals.

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