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Competing in sport at any level can be a demanding and challenging experience, both physically and mentally. It’s essential that racing and competition animal owners take steps to maximise their animal’s performance and minimise the risk of injuries. Accell Animal Therapy is one way that athletes can achieve this. Cycloid vibration therapy utilises gentle, low-frequency oscillations to improve circulation and help the body recover faster after competition or strenuous training.

Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat utilises Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT) to increase the local blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. Cycloid Vibration assists to loosen muscles, improving circulation, and reducing stress. In addition, Cycloid Vibration Therapy can also assist with maintaining general health. The Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing metabolic waste and toxins from the body. The Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat also helps to improve muscle tone and improve balance. As a result, regular use of Cycloid Vibration Therapy can have a positive impact on overall health.

Cycloid Vibration Therapy has been increasingly used to improve physical performance and prevent injuries in athletes and competition animals. There is strong evidence to suggest that CVT can improve muscle tone, reduce muscle soreness, and increase stride length. In addition, CVT has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of injuries such as muscle tears. As a result, CVT has become a popular choice for competition and racing animals, trainers and owners looking to improve their performance and reduce their risk of injury.

After any race or competition, it’s important to take steps to ensure a full and speedy recovery. That’s where Accell Animal Therapy comes in. Our unique Cycloid Vibration Therapy helps to relax muscles and remove metabolic waste, reducing stiffness and soreness. The result is a faster and more comfortable recovery, allowing your animals to get back on track as soon as possible. So, if you’re looking for an edge in your competition or racing recovery, Accell Animal Therapy is the answer.

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We are introducing the all-new Accell Pro Series Therapy System, a reimagined way of delivering professional-grade therapy to all creatures, great and small. The Accell Pro Series includes our brand new Pro Series Therapy Mat, Pro Series Hand Pack and our all-new human Travel Pad.

The Accell Pro Series System represents hundreds of hours of ongoing research and development by our dedicated team! Accell Animal Therapy systems all deliver Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT) and are available for all creatures, great and small; we even have options for human application so everyone can enjoy the benefits of Accell Animal Therapy.

The Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat

The Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat is the next evolution of animal therapy. Hundreds of hours of product development and improvements have led to the Accell Pro Series evolving to be substantially more straightforward than the previous Series 12 Therapy Mat. The Pro Series Therapy Mat will include dual power operation utilising cutting-edge Li-ion battery technology and commercial-grade chew-proof mains power cord.

Further to the dual power improvements, the look and feel of the Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat are among the long list of improvements. A new design to the outer casing includes a water-resistant Copper Infused Gel Foam top cover for superior comfort and antimicrobial protection against viruses and microbial growth to prevent odours and stains.

There is no doubt the Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat has evolved to be the most superior therapy option out there for owners, handlers, trainers, professionals and veterinarians.

The Pro Series Hand Unit

The Accell Pro Series Hand Pack has evolved to be more portable and easy to use than our Series 12 model. The Pro Series Hand Pack will now include our cutting edge Li-ion battery technology which enables users to operate the Hand Pack for eight continuous hours before recharge.

On top of the battery improvements, the Pro Series Hand Pack will see an improved connection system that will include a shorter main cord with an extension that allows for the new, lightweight battery to be connected directly to the harness system without messy cables hanging over the animal. The cord extension provided will enable users to operate the hand pack manually to treat the animal and focus on areas of need.

When used with our Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat, the system becomes a powerful therapy delivery tool used at home, on the road or by professionals. Please speak to one of our therapy specialists today about adding Accell Animal Therapy to your arsenal of tools to improve the wellbeing of your animals.