Karen Morrison

Professional Agility Trainer | NEW ZEALAND

About Us:
When a little black and white Border Collie came into my life and I named her Fate, I had no idea how that little pup was going to change my life.
We've had some amazing adventures and accomplished things I'd never imagined possible.
I've been involved in the sport of dog agility for approximately 10 years. During this time, I've represented my Zone on three occasions at the New Zealand Dog Agility Nationals, competed at the Australian Nationals, qualified for the Jumping Masters final, and made my dog Fate up to an Agility Champion & Grand Jumping Champion.

12 month Career Coals:
Enjoy my last year to 18 months competing with Fate. She will be 10 in December - still going strong! We are 3 Challenges away from our Grand Agility Title - we would love to get that!
Brave was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia a couple of years ago and is finding agility a bit challenging with his physical issues. We will be moving away from competitive agility this year and turning our attention and focus to the obedience ring. He is a stunning mover - and loves to work. I'm excited to start with some Rally-O this Winter.
Seeker is a very talented boy, and my goal for us this year is to continue to build ring confidence, progress through to Senior Agility and get some challenges in Jumping and Agility.
Trust is just a youngster! All is going well; I would love to start her agility career this year!

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