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About Us:
Our Career in dog sports has been a long one. We both started in Obedience, Paula started competing in Obedience in 1989, making 2 of her Border Collies into Obedience Champions and started competing in Agility in 2013, training and making Mozzie into Agility Champion in 2018. Paula's Highlight would be winning the NZKC Nationals in Novice Obedience and followed closely by winning 3 Test A Classes at the National Dog Obedience Assembly in 2019, Atlas is now Competing at top level Obedience working towards her Obedience Champion Title.

I (Dyson) started my Competing Journey in 1990 with my Boxer in Obedience and Agility, I was quickly hooked and within a few years got my first Border Collie and Foundation Bitch for our Breeding Program Mordor Border Collies. I breed my Dog Rumur which I made up to Agility and Jumpers Grand Champion before she retired at 10 years old, I also made Switch up to Agility Champion.

My biggest achievement to date is with Rumur where we travelled to Queensland to compete at the Australian Agility Nationals, while there we basically won every class that was on offer and came away as the Australian 400 Champion for the year (2014). I have been very lucky in many ways that my Agility Training has grown over the years where I have trained within NZ but also travelled to Australia to hold training workshops and Judge at Agility Shows.

I am still very active taking Agility Seminars within NZ and Judging within NZ and Australia when asked.

12 month Career Coals:
We have our Agility Nationals in October this year is our closet goal for results all to go well. Atlas we have goals of Obedience Champion and Agility Grand Champion.
Sting Agility Champion
Get Index into top-level Agility
Getting Freeze consistent at the top level with some results to go towards her Champion status.
Puzzle (Papillon) Like Freeze settled at the Top level with places to go towards his Champion Status.

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